Mesh Architecture strives to create enduring work that is modern, sustainable and sensitive to place.

Mesh Architecture
is a team of creative individuals committed to innovative architecture. As evidenced by our name we conceive of design as a process that weaves together a wide range of forces and inspirations. And as our alliance with Mesh Fabrication indicates, we highly value collaboration. Ultimately we view our work as the bridge between conceptual idea and physical reality.

Capabilities & Process
We strive to create work that is modern (by responding to contemporary cultural and technological conditions), social (by understanding and enhancing local communities), and sustainable (by seeking to improve quality of life while enhancing the natural environment). We believe buildings and communities based upon these principles contribute to the purpose and dignity of human actions. Our team’s blend of experience and expertise means we are uniquely competent at all scales of architectural design. We routinely consult on urban masterplans, design new buildings, renovate existing ones, and provide interior design services. Our diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

MESH is a collaborative consisting of nearly 50 individuals including architects, designers, and craftspeople providing a wide range of services and products. We believe design and fabrication are best delivered as an integrated process through teamwork. MESH Architecturehas a wealth of experience and ranging from large-scale urban projects to new buildings to custom installations. MESH Fabrication is able to work with all major materials to create singular architectural elements that stand out in today’s world of mass production.